Heinz Sweet Relish squeeze bottle: Crappy Product

This is a crappy product. It squishes the juice out on your hot dog bun, and leaves all the pickle in the bottle. Don’t buy it. Get a jar. Use a knife.
This is my post for today. Dammit. I’ve been waiting a long time to post this post.

0 thoughts on “Heinz Sweet Relish squeeze bottle: Crappy Product

  1. Lol…thankfully, I don't eat anything green, including relish. Sometimes it pays to be picky. I like my hot dogs plain! 🙂

  2. I already tried that darn bottle. I cute the top part off and just used a knife to scoop it out…will never buy again!! Your right on the mark, Mark!! Just THINK – tomorrow at this time (2:01) I will be patiently waiting for 2:40 when my sweet baby puppy lands!! hee hee!!! how exciting…debbie