Hi, How Are You

Last night I went to sleep at 8:00 PM. I just couldn’t stay awake any longer. I didn’t hear the wife come to bed.

Now it’s 1:15 and I am awake, dressed and studying. I have finished 2 lessons for my Network + course. Which to me is very little. This course is different than the other courses I have taken, because the questions are essay instead of multiple choice. I have to email the answers in. So far I haven’t received the scores for the tests I’ve sent in, and wonder what is going on. I’ll have to call later today if I don’t hear from them.

I don’t really like posting posts like this. I think this is the kind of post that doesn’t draw comments. I disliked yesterdays post even more. It seemed funny when I posted it and stupid after. Sometimes I post a post and then it really bugs me afterwords. I think I have only deleted one post after it was posted, pretty recently too. Deleting a post bothered me also.

I think I have to ask a question or raise some hairs to get comments. Here, it is cold, the wind is blowing, the humidity is low. The thermometer says 79 but it is still cold. I’m wearing a jacket and long pants.

Later today, the company that installed our kitchen cabinets is coming over to have a look. They are falling down. We kept hearing noises, First we thought there was a frog or gecko on top or inside making noise. Then, after I secretly, deep down decided that I knew the house must be haunted, the wife discovered the inside shelves were slowly coming down. Then I found that one corner was loose and lowering, slowly creaking down. I shored it up with some wood. We’ll see what the cabinet people say.

Have a nice day.

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  1. I would be worried if my cabinets were starting to come off the wall!I remember the post you deleted…it showed up on Google Reader anyway! That's the thing, if you hit publish…it is out there even if you later delete it. So, you have to be quite sure you want it 'out there' before you hit 'Publish'.Don't blog just to get comments mate… blog cos you want to… or because you enjoy blogging or have something you want to write about…otherwise you are not blogging for the right reasons.I blog every day cos I love it, I love recording my day, what's going on… and cos others seem to enjoy reading about my life… even though it is so very ORDINARY! I love reading about your lovely island, and would love to see more of it! The beaches there look so lovely. What are your towns like? The locals? (people who are indigenous to the Caymans?)What job plans do you have … are you studying with a particular job in mind?

  2. Holy Cow! your cabinets are coming down? E-Gads! that's terrible and I wouldn't be paying that nut that put them up a dime! Did he not put them on the studs?? or anchor them? I'd be taking out all my stuff so when they fell all your stuff wouldn't break!! Good Luck!!As for blogging. Just do your day. That's what I do. I don't write for comments. I am writing for me. If others find it interesting, that is a plus. But just write about your courses, your beautiful Island that you won't show us. Get the camera, hop in the car and show us the Caymens! This is my second plea, by the way. Underwater shots are always fun….your dogs…we love pets…your foods there on the Island…I could think of a million things….debbie

  3. 79 cold? was 24 here this morning. i blog to let it out oF my head and that maybe one day i'll show it to my stars. when they are old real old. kinda like a diary. maybe then they will understand me more. it doesnt matter what you write its your thoughts.

  4. I wouldn't be to worried abut what the cabinet company had to say, I would demand they be fixed and to your satisfaction, but that is fiesty ole' me!*wink* It gets tiresome when you pay someone good money to complete a service only to find out it was not done wellAs I'm aging I find I need less sleep, if I get 4-5 hours a night I'm good, anything more and it's like I have sleep hangover, LOL!!!It's hard to come up with blogs that will be of interest, sometimes I feel as if ours get stuck in a rut, so try to add in some spice with outside articles, poems or videos. I wouldn't worry about the comments, they'll come, ours come in batches, some blogs only have 5 or less while others had 20+.Blessings for your week,Kelle