High blood pressure

Yesterday I started taking medication for high blood pressure. I had been under investigation, checking regularly for a couple of months, and it’s been high every time. It started when I went to give blood and was rejected because my pressure was too high. It’s always been borderline but I’ve never been rejected giving blood. The high limit is 130/80 and I’m almost always in the 130-140s and the 90’s-100’s. Sometimes a little higher.
So from now on, when they ask “are you on any medication?” I can’t say “NO” anymore.
(I hope it doesn’t affect my ability to get a woodie, but I’m not too worried, NOTHING can stop that!)

0 thoughts on “High blood pressure

  1. Yeah Woodie! Glad to know that’s not affected. Yet at least. Like Daisy said, I never had one so my BP meds must have affected me differently from you. But you CAN still give blood. I do!