Although the title of yesterdays post was “Thursday” I thought it was Wednesday. All day. Last night the OI Girl told me it was Thursday and I was quite surprised! And I’m very glad it’s Friday!

I’m working Saturday, then next weekend I’ll be off to see the OI Girll! (and work)

I was tagged by Daisy Mae, but I choose not doing it. To me, there’s too much ‘credit card type’ secret questions on there, mothers maiden name, first pets name . . . and the rest are all the secret questions that are asked in case you lost your password or corporations ask to verify identity over the phone. I suppose that everyone else is using fake information, but I’m just not that bright.

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  1. For not being that bright you sure caught on to what some of those questions are for. I hadn’t thought about that aspect of it. Way to go Mark!

  2. That’s why you lie your butt off about the mothers maiden name, etc like I did. Okay, so I didn’t lie and now the whole internet knows the fist 3 letters of my mothers maiden name. Oh well. You know I was suprised to find out today was Friday too! It seems to me this week passed way too quick and I was certain that yesterday was Wednesday as well. weird.

  3. I used some of my previous names, and purposefully didn’t use any that related to any passwords – great minds ;o)