Holiday Monday

Today is a holiday, I have the day off and the OI Girl does too.
So far it’s been a great weekend. We’ve been working on the house a lot and the huge pile of boxes in almost gone. Saturday I painted the sundeck with concrete sealer and I had them dye the sealer blue. It looks like a swimming pool! It needs another coat and then it’ll be ready for the lounge chairs. Also I hung up a big metal sun on the front porch. I like it, I think it looks cool.

Yesterday I woke up really early and sat on the back porch with the newspaper and drank come coffee. It was nice and shady. I have to point out that here, the newspapers don’t deliver, and most put out a big Friday edition and that’s it for the weekend, But recently, The Cayman Observer, a free newspaper, has started delivering on Sundays. It is fantastic! It’s been two weekends in a row I’ve sat on the porch with the paper and coffee. Ahh the small pleasures are the best.

Today I plan on boring a hole in the 8 inch concrete block under the kitchen sink to put a garden hose attachment on the back porch. Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow Mark, I have been away from too long. So long that now you have a new house! That is awesome. I love the porch and I know you will enjoy it.My word verification is djdzq. It makes me think Ditzy que!