Holiday Monday!

Thank Gawd! I had a great dive yesterday and want to go again today, but nobody else wants to. So maybe I’ll just go to the beach, or ride my bike. Or ride my bike to the beach.
Maybe I’ll do a solo dive….

0 thoughts on “Holiday Monday!

  1. Don’t go solo, I could be there in a couple of days :)No, really, I just wanted to wish you a wonderful new year, go on now and have some sun!

  2. Oh my….wish I could be going to the beach on Jan 2nd! Sigh….Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been pretty much “out of order” when it comes to the blogging for the past month. It’s nice to be back! Wishing you a super 2006 and all the best now and in the future. Ciao!

  3. I must admit, its a bit annoying reading your 84F temp thing on your blog while its 43F here in NC……BUT…I can take a road trip lasting more than an hour. I used to hate that about Hawaii, (feeling trapped).Please post more pictures of your dives, they’re great! My dad used to dive in Hawaii and dinner was always scrumptous that night. Can you cook what you catch? Some places are weird like that. Won’t let you take anything from the beach. And on a side note: You should NEVER solo dive… or fall asleep in the tub.

  4. Happy New Year dude! Great to see that you’re getting regular dives in. I have to confess that about 80% of my OC/CC dives are solo these days.Anyway, dive safe.Dave

  5. I want to intro myself. I am Candy For the Teacher’s husband. Blogging is new to me. I am a computer geek at heart but do not look like one. 1. I can hardly swim but I love the life a single man could lead like this. I am a Tennessee boy occasionally getting to the red neck coast every 4 or 8 with the family. 2. I see that you are a RedSkins fan. What did you think of your past coach. He sure had an attitude at U of F but he won many games.Needless, to say I am a Titans fan but we have had a bad year. Good luck and stay warm on the beach. We had a high of 75 degrees near Nashville where we live. Next Friday, we are supposed to have snow. What a winter. We don’t have snow like we used to. Have a great night.

  6. Any of those options sound perfect. It was cold and rainy here today. I’m kinda looking forward to going back to work…for some odd reason.

  7. I want to go the beach. I wish we had beaches that we could actually go into without freezing to death.Hope you have a happy and safe New Year!!Take care.Scott

  8. Being at the beach would be so nice right now. I just heard today that many people on the Mississippi coast are selling cheap instead of rebuilding AGAIN. Have fun, but don’t dive alone. That can be very dangerous!

  9. Hi from Oklahoma. I saw you on Ivy’s blog and read the instructions on your title to leave a post…….I am envious of that beautiful beach! Have fun…..