How do I know if I'm crazy?

Am I crazy? I could have stayed off work for two more days. But I came back because I wanted to get some things done before I go on vacation Friday. I feel like when I go into work today, people will ask why I’m there, and when I tell them, will call me crazy.
I want to try to get a satellite dish put together and pointed at the satellite. It’s almost together and I think I can get it done. And guess what? I have to do it today, because tomorrow I go back to the other island where I just was for work! That’s right, I could have just stayed!
Nutso, OI know!

0 thoughts on “How do I know if I'm crazy?

  1. No, not crazy, you’re responsible. There’s nothing wrong with that! Hey, you’re going on vaca on Friday. No need to be greedy!

  2. Yes, you are crazy, but no more crazier than most.You do have a great work ethic though. The 2 aren’t mutually exclusive!Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Not like 40 cats and 20 years worth of newspaper in your house crazy. More like buying candy the day after Halloween crazy. Just a little off. But no need to be locked up.

  4. You went to work earlier than you had to? Definitely another vote in the CRAY-ZEEEE column from me!