How do you know?

It’s one of those days, where I don’t have much to say.

Studying this morning, my brain seemed to be working OK, as compared to yesterday, when it didn’t work at all. How does that work? How can I detect that some days my brain works better than others? There must be a ‘zone of constancy’ in my brain, that does not change, in order for me to compare two differences, otherwise, I could be dumb one day, smart the next, but I’d have no way of knowing. As an other example, if I say “today I feel good” – compared to what? If there wasn’t a physical pain yesterday that is gone today, that I can remember, what determines if I feel better or worse? Is there some chart of the varying degrees of mood? Sometimes, things can seem OK when I am home alone, but when I get around other people, I realize I’m in a really bad mood, and vice versa too, if I am happy and get near someone nasty! But in that case, there are two differences that are being compared. Not so when it’s just me comparing me to me. I was unaware that I was in a good or bad mood when I was alone, there was nothing to compare my mood with.
If someone says “My childhood was normal” How do they know, having experienced only one childhood? Normal could be growing up waist deep in a tarpit, eating only cockroaches, just like everybody else.

Just like everybody else, I’m working about 10AM, and I want to make a beach walk with the dawg before I go.

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  1. thanks for your insightful comment on my entry “clenched in fear”i think your thoughts and your internal dialogue determine your emotions and are a good indicator of whether you’re in a bad mood or a good mood. watch your thoughts and you’ll know what mood you’re in. 🙂