How I spent my weekend.

I had a good weekend, for the most part. Saturday the OI Girl worked, and I went to the beach, I know this, but it’s like I can’t remember Saturday-day, I only remember Sunday, when we went to the beach. Saturday night was the Work Christmas party, and that was nice, with lots of food and fun. And I remember it OK too, even though I just got done sayin’ I can’t remember Saturday.

Last night I had a weird dream. I was fooling around with this girl who was wearing a clear Pyrex skirt. I was between her knees trying to get my you-know-what inside her you-know-what, but couldn’t, for the same reason you can’t touch the bottom of an ice tea glass with your finger. At the same time I was thinking, “How am I going to account for this time if the OI Girl asks where I was? She’s going to know”. But I really wanted to have sex with this girl. I couldn’t get her skirt off or break it. It was like a clear glass bell around her waist down to almost her knees. She ended up getting mad at me and I ended up going home. The OI Girl didn’t suspect anything and I was glad I didn’t have to lie and I was glad I didn’t fool around.

Last night we had our neighbors over for a shish-kebab cookout, we had chicken, beef and shrimp kebabs, more than we could eat. It was a success I think

And Also, My Washington Redskins won, Dallas lost and Miami won, breaking their loosing streak. I’m not particularly a Miami fan, but I like the sea and Dolphins live in the sea so I’m glad they won.
Good all around weekend.

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  1. Still having those kinky dreams huh?I’m still alive…been super busy. Got bored with blogging. Moved closer to the beach (in an apt) currently house hunting though. Stay at home now and play mommy. Sweety is still in cali…comes home finally next saturday. Glad to see things are good…K

  2. oh just shut up about those damned Redskins. I am dreading the thought of football season next year since we’ll be back living in redskin country. And of course the hubster had to watch the game AND listen to it on satelite radio at the same time. Oh well, at least we will be out of Colts territory.

  3. I think when I got married, the wonderwife managed to neuter my sex dreams.Now when I have a kinky dream, the girl in question usually has Barbie doll sex parts.