How it should be

I’m at work already, I hitchhiked in, because the OI Girl is on the OI, I took her car home yesterday so she wouldn’t have to pay for parking. I left my car at work last night and hitched a ride this morning. I walked out of my house at a 6, and was walking to the road and a car was coming so I stuck my thumb out. I wasn’t even at the road yet and the car stopped. It was a girl who was late for work and she took me half way, to the Ritz. Then I was walking from her car to the road and another car came. I stuck my thumb out and it stopped and I had a ride to work way early. So I’m making some coffee and doing a blog entry.
That’s the way it should be, if someone needs a ride, give it to them. I pick up hitchhikers and I’m glad I got picked up. I know it’s dangerous some places, but it shouldn’t be. It was still dark and the girl who was late for work still picked me up.
It’s easier to trust people until they give you reason not to rather than vice versa. It’s very difficult if you never give anyone a chance.