How To Hitchhike

When I was younger, (much younger), people used to hitchhike a lot. Not so much now, because it’s considered dangerous, and people don’t know how to do it.

I used to hitch a ride a lot, in fact, I used to hitch to work every day when I worked at Sears, before I joined the Navy, and I got a ride consistently, and was never late.

Here’s a few rules for hitchhiking, I have learned from my vast experiences: I invite you to add your own hitchhiking rules, if you have any. I’m always looking to develop and improve the art of hitchhiking, although I don’t hitchhike much any more, I do sometimes. like when I drop my car at the shop. I’ll always pick up a hitchhiker, if I can.


1: Don’t walk. If you’re hitchhiking, you ain’t walking, and if you’re walking, you’re not hitchhiking. If you’re walking, keep walking, you’ll get there. This is number one for a reason.

2: Pick a good spot with a place behind you that makes it easy and safe for someone to stop. If they can’t stop, you aren’t going to get a ride.

3: Look at the drivers faces as they go by. They’re more likely to stop. Try not to look like a serial killer, smile a little, but don’t grin like a psycho who just escaped from the loonie bin.

4: Pick your ride. This is kind of hard to explain, but when you see a car that you want to get a ride from, you kind of have to transmit with your mind: “PICK ME UP!” It works, it really does. Many times, using this method, I have been picked up by the very first car that goes by after I stick my thumb out.

5: Try to not look like a slob, unless of course,you want to be picked up by someone who looks like a slob.

6: You’ll have good days hitchhiking and bad days, don’t cop an attitude. Attitude is detectable by the drivers passing by.

I guess that’s about it, anything I’m missing, please let me know, by adding it below!

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “How To Hitchhike

  1. I agree with tomthebackroadstraveller, DON’T! Hardly anyone hitchhikes here now, it’s too dangerous, for the hitchhiker and the motorist. One or other could rob you/stab you and nick ya car ,or worse! I have never done it.

    • People still do it in Cayman, but the thumb sticking up is considered rude in some cultures. Here they use their index finger!

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