How To Pack For Vacation

1) Put your big suitcase on the floor, open.

2) Put your little suitcase (that you already packed) inside.

3) Close ‘er up and your ready to go! No fuss! No muss!
Tomorrow we’re off to Costa Rica! I am so excited! I can’t wait to get there, (tomorrow about 10PM after spending the day in Miami (on purpose!))But today I have a lot of work to do. The concrete is now dry holding the pole for the satellite dish, and I’m off to get the dish on the pole, get the feedhorn assembly on and finish putting the whole thing together, get the cable ran and maybe get the dish pointed at the satellite!

3 thoughts on “How To Pack For Vacation

  1. OMG, that is so clever – what a great idea! I shall DEFINITELY do likewise from here on out, thanks for the tip (I feel so dense for not thinking of it before).Ooooh, and I am always so envious every time I pop over here to catch up with you, seems you are always off on some new adventure – bon voyage, my friend – have fun, just don't forget to come back again!

  2. …and here I thought I was a light packer!! Good luck getting your satellite up and running. I can't imagine that the wind would blow it down. Have a great time in Costa Rica!! I've got to get a Passport so I can visit our friends there…debbie

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