Hump Day

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. It was sunny, mostly, even though there were lots of clouds. It didn’t rain all day, except once, when I went to the beach for lunch. I fled the beach, with everybody else, and it was not raining too hard, so I put on my raincoat and skipped the rain pants. I was soaked from the waist down when I got back to work, then it got sunny again.

I’m glad it’s Wednesday. Monday it seemed like this was going to be a long week. I want to go diving this weekend. With my rebreather. I haven’t dived it in a long time. Started overhauling it last night. Here’s a 2005 picture of my rebreather. It has newer electronics now.


Have a good humpday!

2 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Typical to get caught in the rain and then the sun comes out too late. Yea to going back to diving again. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

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