It’s over the hump today.  Almost half way to the weekend. I got a lot of chores this weekend. Spread dirt, mow, drill holes in concrete for parking blocks.

I’m in the process of migrating to a new blog site. Of course I’m having a difficult time. And I don’t even know the proper terminology for when I talk to the help desk. I got two logons, one for the registration site, one for the FTP site. The FTP site is where the files for your webpage live. I can’t upload. It tells me bad password. I can logon and change the password, but it doesn’t seem to work. ALso I have two sites. so I have one registration site, two FTP sites, four usernames and four passwords.
Somehow, in my spastic attempt to upload files, I deleted the profile for CayTronics, my other site. Since then , I can’t logon.

SO I’m going crazy. Not too bad, I always have problems and I always get them sorted.

TOday at work I have training. I forget what about. All day. Looking forward to it.

That’s it, running late, gotta go!

2 thoughts on “Humpday

  1. when I changed over from blogster I set up the blog as yellowdog granny with that as the name of the blog, set up the password and then promptly
    forgot it and had to set it up as yellowdoggrannie..feck..good luck..I stick with blogspot because it allows me to keep my own header..and don’t want to change it..the jackiesueagainsttheworld is bland and I don’t like it, but haven’t a clue how to change it..have fun..

  2. I almost got dizzy with this post. Maybe it’s why I just stick with blogspot because I don’t care to get dizzy. Have fun : )

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