Hurricane Season

Here’s how its supposed to work:
Hurricane season starts June first. Anytime after that, these little depressions start forming off the hump of Africa and either fizzle out or strengthen to Tropical Storms then Hurricanes as they curve north up the center of the Atlantic.
Then as Hurricane Season progresses, these depressions may gradually start forming further and further west of the hump of Africa and start their northerly curve later and later. As this happens, the chances of Hurricane activity in the Caribbean goes up and up.
Towards the end of the Hurricane Season, here in Cayman, it may start raining, then as the rainstorm moves away, it may become a tropical depression, tropical storm, then Hurricane.
This year, however, the storms are forming much more westerly than usual and are heading more directly west and are reluctant to curve north. As a result, the storms are entering the Caribbean and even worse, heading straight HERE!
The early storms this year,Arlene , Brett, and Cindy acted like typical end-of-season storms that you would see in October or November. They formed so far west there’s no more room to go! They had to head almost straight north! Dennis was like a mid season storm, August type I think.
Adrian was a freekazoid of a storm, that started in the Pacific and tried to cross Central America to head straight for Cayman, before the start of hurricane season!
Emily‘s track is taking her way down low, where it’s nice and hot, she’s gathering energy, getting ready to pounce! Compare Emily’s Projected Path to the path of Ivan, a record breaking Hurricane in many ways. They’re almost identical.
I think we gotta watch out for Emily! <—– Link to most recent position and projected path

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  1. Like I’ve been telling everyone, Sylvia Brown said this is going to be the most active hurricane season yet. I hope she’s not right because then I may have to start believing the stuff she says. OMG!Stay safe and watch out for flying palm trees.