I ask you.

I’m here at work, This morning I’ve been doing some major office rearranging, furniture-wise.

Last night I made steamed shrimp for supper, it was very good. I also purchased a blender yesterday. OI and I had some liquefied paypaya this morning.

Studying has been bullshit these last two lessons. My current chapter is Programmable Controllers. The examples they are using is a three conveyor system that moves boxes from upstairs to downstairs and the other example is an assembly line that manufactures engine blocks. The previous chapter was Avaition Electronics. What does either chapter have to do with Broadcast Engineering? I ask you.

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  1. I am no good with shrimp. I always hate it when I make it. So, I don’t make it! Maybe the conveyor system problems are to help you to think logically which can be used anywhere. I have no idea, I’m making this crap up.

  2. The conveyers teach you the cycles of the sound waves traveling to space and coming back to earth…back and forth.The assembly line shows you that if one step of a process is missed, it is very possible the objective as a whole will fail.As far as aviation electronics, I can only think that they are showing you how the electronic soundwaves fly through the air. (That was meant to be funny!)Now I ask you, did you ever tell OI about your blog?