I Don’t Ever Wanna Fly In One

Even if they claim its fixed.

Even if everyone claims it’s fixed.

It seems so typical, supervisors who think they know it all and don’t listen to their employees

An article I read this morning HERE says empolyees mocked their supervisors saying the 737 Max 8 was “designed by clowns who are supervised by monkeys.”

As you know I work at an airport. The other day there was a discussion about the crappy Max 8. My supervisor said something like: “It may be the worlds safest plane, once everyone gets done scrutinizing it and fixes all the problems”. I thought “Yeah! It might!.”

Then I read articles like the one linked above, and hear Boeing is thinking about changing the name of the Max 8 because of the negative publicity and I think “better safe than sorry, sounds like a piece of crap from the drawing board, and only got built because stupid, prideful people had authority over those with common sense.”

The Max 8’s woul make good artifical reefs and dive sites! Sink ’em,!

Happy Friday! Have a good wweekend!

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