I Have Made A Huge ‘Mitsake’

Taken yesterday, after pulling out to go to work. Almost got stuck, and had a hard time avoiding the tree which you can’t see on the left.
Picture taken this morning, after a night of rain. Tree mentioned above visible. This tree broke my review mirror whilst reversing in.

I had some leftover sand from the construction. I also had a low spot in the area where I reverse my car into my parking spot. I put sand into the low area and now have what’s like quicksand. I turn the steering wheel and the vehicle doesn’t turn, which, in hindsight is probably why I busted my mirror on a tree reversing in. And, I almost get stuck pulling in and out.

I’m going to have to dump some gravel on top, or maybe topsoil and have it compacted. It’sa big mess now, A slippery quicksand pit for your car.

Needless to say, it’s rainy this morning, not related to Hurricane Laura.

Have a good day.

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