I love it!

Here goes, back to work.
Yesterday, it rained and was cloudy all day. The OI Girl said it was sunny in town, but I didn’t go down there. I studied and took a nap. A wasted day, like I promised myself it wouldn’t be.
It did get sunny here late in the afternoon, and we went for a beach walk. I’ve been telling her I want to incorporate beach walks into the daily routine, and start trying to do them almost every day when she gets off work.
Here’s some more pictures from the 22nd. One is the same ol’ triggerfish nobody wants to see. And a Flamingoes Tongue on a sea fan. I made the Triggerfish my wallpaper on my computer.

Wish me luck today at work. The first day is always hardest. I’ll find out I’m working weekends for the next several weeks at least, and I’ll get a whole new list of problems and complaints. I love it!

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  1. Good luck back at work. You may be happy to know that I’M GOING DIVING finally this year… I booked a charter for november long weekend in Victoria!Also that TVU program I posted about on my blog does show football games, although I don’t know what teams as I don’t really follow it. It’s worth a look though if you’re missing it.