If it wasn't for good days…….

…We couldn’t have bad ones!
I went to the dentist yesterday and I wasn’t missing a filling, the tooth was broken. There was decay under the filling and the tooth got weak. You can see it in the X-Ray from my 6 month check up a month or so ago, but my dentist apparently didn’t see it. (ya right . . . AGAIN!!!) I guess it’s time to switch dentists. The emergency dentist fixed it, but I have to go back and have it re-checked.
Then I was driving to lunch and somebody ran his car into the back of mine. But it didn’t do anything to mine and mashed his hood up pretty good. He kind of drove his under mine. I let him go.
Then I had a pretty good beach lunch and the talk show went pretty well. Here’s a pic of me at the talk show:

Then I was ready to go and one of the computers went haywire. There was a problem with the licensing for the server, and it wouldn’t let us in, although the date showed a good license. I ended up reinstalling the software and license info and got it working OK. Then because the problem was actually with another computer because it couldn’t access the server, I had to do what it needed to do after I got the server running.

But all’s well that ends well. It was still a good day. Today I plan on another after-work dive!

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  1. So why did your previous dentist even take the x-rays if he wasn’t going to really look at them?? That kind of stuff just burns me up…

  2. I absolutely can’t stand going to the dentist, so I feel your pain. I actually would rather go through labor than go to the dentist!

  3. I hate the dentist…I think I’d rather give birth again, with no drugs, than go to the dentist.There you go with that lunch on the beach again! Do you ENJOY rubbing it in the face of those that live in the north that are hearing forecasts of snow for next week??? Well it doesn’t work, I’m not jealous! 🙂

  4. Seriously Mark, I’ve been checking your blog and I only kept seeing the most recent post was the “cheeses” one from awhile back. How is it possible I missed out on all of the posts since then??

  5. I too have gone for the lunch on the beach thing, but not for awhile. The evening/night dive thing is beyond me. I have a great aversion to swimming in the sea in the dark, I’m afraid. It may not be logical, but I keep thinking that I’m better off if I can see the predator types coming…

  6. Great pic Mark….. lucky you – you get a “good beach lunch” — I didn’t even get a lunch today, or yesterday, or the day before yesterday, or….you get the idea! I’m so jealous!