Iliana De La Cruz

Last night I went to the memorial service for Iliana, the girl who died in a car crash. Her funeral is Sunday. There was a photo slideshow and a lot of recordings of her voice from the Youth Flex radio show. It was very emotional.
I remember every week at the end of the show she’d almost always say “Granny! I’m coming home! I hope you have some food for me when I get there!” And I’d always tell her after the show “Ili, you shouldn’t say that on the air, it doesn’t sound good” Then the next week, she’d say it again, looking at me, with this twinkle in her eye and this sly smile on her face…. After meeting her Granny, I understand how it was OK for her to say that on the air.
I wish I could experience it just one more time…..

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  1. She looks so young. How old was she? I’m so sorry for your loss, MarkD. Thanks for the nice post about her.

  2. I don’t think of her as a woman, to me she was still just a girl.(that doesn’t really sound like I want it to)She was 18.

  3. WOW she’s pertty; sorry for your loss. The sparkle is a life lived with the confidence that everything’s going to be alright in the end; a NO FEAR attitude with out the attitude. It’s the Blessings of individuals like her who give others the encouraged strength to go on.

  4. Hey Mark. Chants here. Iliana’s cousin. Thanks for the memory…it brought a smile…i miss her so much. you knew her so u’d understand why its so hard. Take care. great page keep it up.

  5. whats up mark! my name is serena and in from miami, florida. I knew Iliana from middle school, Parkway Middle to be speciefic. we had a few classes together and talked every once in a while. last nite, sept 8. keona wright, sent me a message on myspace telling me the tragic news and i coulden believe it. as a matter of fact, im still in disbelief. As i look at your page; never in a million years would i believe she had such effect on so many people, and im very sad to know she’s gone. My symphonthy goes out to her mom and brothers, friends and family STAY STRONG!!!! SERENA

  6. I went to john brey with her she was a year below me…the day i found out she was killed..i didn’t belive it…to this very day i don’t belive i would never think in a million years that she would die like that and so her funeral i was still in a state of shock..that was a very very sad day that i cannot get out of my head…she is terribly missed god knows…everytime i look at a picture of her i jus stare at it and think in my mind to try to convince myself that she is dead..but that word does not match tht face.R.I.P BABY GIRL

  7. Oh boy i just don’t no what to say i miss u so much baby girl u were like a sister to me. every day i would look out to see ur uncle car pull up in my yard to drop u off so we could have a good time u britens up every body face with just dat 1 smile of yours and i miss u u live in us forever R.I.P baby girl

  8. iliana i miss u so much i really do i think of u day and nite i miss ur warm smiles u put on my face and on kadies we both miss u we really do i remeber alwayz goin in to hard rock and and u comin hey anique and sayin whlie with dat hey every boy dis is my lil sister so any time u see her its free food and drinks and i wld laugh i lov u so much lif just not fun with out u but we make life or way in different wayz i miss u and alwayz will so so so very much mwah till the day we meet again my heart lays in ur hand mamie

  9. How is it goin Mark, This is Iliana’s brother Marko. I really appreciate you creating this page in my sister’s memory. It’s a lil comforting to see how many lives she touched during her short stay on earth with us. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t remember that morning I got the news. It was like my heart was literally ripped out of my chest. Till this day I still find it hard to sleep sometimes, and till this day two years later I dream about her almost every night. Iliana still lives on in our hearts and till the day we all die there she will stay. Love u lil one.

  10. I still think about her all the time too. I visited her grave last week, and I think of her every time I drive by that spot. . .

  11. i went to middl with iliana .. damn we even tried out for da cheerleadin squad together we use to live down da street from eacother at that time…=[ it sukx i found out she was dead a year after she died it tor me apart rip homie i always did and always will have u in my heart

  12. damn i got a few ppl over from da hood we live in we all went to parkway middle with her thay pay their respects they didnt even knw…we love u girl =[

  13. I had the pleasure of meeting her… very different and extrodinary, almost as if there was no lying within her/about her. Very forward, funny, had to be noticed which went so well with her attitude and appearnce. Her smile will never be forgotten.I miss you Ili…Romeo

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