I’m getting better, wife getting sick

Well, I’m on the upswing from my bad cold. But now my Wife is getting sick. I feel terrible about it, because it’s a bad, bad cold. And she got it from me.

Today is the last workday before a long weekend. I am off tomorrow, (Friday), Saturday, Sunday Monday and Tuesday! With my Wife sick, I’ll be able to take care of her. Dote on her, bring her chicken soup…

A cyclone is getting ready to Hit New Zealand. Thinking of my friends Koro and Chris and families.

I haven’t been exercising in the mornings because of my cold. It’s been so cold seeming that I get dressed in long pants and jacket as soon as I get out of the shower. 

That’s all for today, have a good one!

One thought on “I’m getting better, wife getting sick

  1. Ha ha! The cyclone was a bloody non-event… lots of rain but that’s all. Flooding, slips and so on, but we are used to that. Thanks for the concern.

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