Is it Friday? It’s FRIDAY!

Remember I told you about that job I got that I really wanted? Well, I wasn’t even there a week and something happened that turned the milk sour. And I hated it since then. So yesterday I quit. I guess the owners thought my bullshit tolerance was higher than it was. I rekkon I was there like 5 weeks.
I always question and doubt myself. In almost any situation, I have all these conflicting thoughts in my head. This time it was like: “Should I quit? Maybe I’m the one fucked up, not them. Am I sure I have an accurate grasp on the reality of the situation?”

All I know is that after I quit, I felt soooo good all day.

I got up at the regular time this morning, and the moon was as tiny a crescent as it could be. I guess you’re getting tired of the moon shots, but I can’t help it. Below is the pre sunrise from the roof and the second is a zoom in of the same moon as the first shot. Click to view full size, as everyone knows I’m sure.

6 thoughts on “Is it Friday? It’s FRIDAY!

  1. If it felt good it must have been the right decision! Sometimes it's easy to overlay what's right because we get so caught up in questioning ourselves. But there's nothing like a gut feeling. Your images are terrific-P.s. Thank you very much for your last words on GLP. I've been caught up in rescues all December and I'm hardly aware Christmas has arrived. I sent you and Mariasol a little parcel but I gather it hasn't arrived yet (maybe it'll arrive in August like last years parcel, bizzare!).

  2. Doesn't it feel great to quit a job you hate?!? When I was in college I got a job at one of those giant chain drug stores & they said they understood that my college classes came first & would schedule me to work accordingly. I had only been working there like a week and they scheduled me right over one of my final exams and didn't want to shift the schedule around. I called my mom from a pay phone, thinking she was going to tell me to just tough it out, see if I could take the exam another time…whatever. But she said she thought I should quit. And I did – after just making it through the training. And it felt GREAT!

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