It only makes me laugh

I had a 401K with my company before I moved down here. I rolled it over to a CD when I left. I was watching it, and in a few short years it grew from $32k to almost 100k. I was waiting for it to hit a hundred.
Then George Bush got elected (George Bush getting elected, NOT Sept 11, 2001) and it dropped back down to almost 32. Almost the same as I started with.
Then over the years it slowly grew back to almost $80k.
Now it’s going to drop again, surely less than I started with.
Funny, a mason jar buried in the back yard would have yielded more than my IRA.

0 thoughts on “It only makes me laugh

  1. I’m ready to move most of my money into a savings account. at least the stocks won’t touch it…and that loss would have made me cry, buckets!