It . . .

. . .was a very nice weekend. Saturday we went to a friends wedding party. They had a small private wedding a week or so ago, then had a party at their house for the friends.

Sunday, we went to the beach, and it was a perfect day for it. We found a new ‘secret spot’ that really isn’t very secret. You just walk down the beach a ways from our old secret spot, which was pretty crowded when we got there.
Then last night we went out and watched the Super Bowl, it was pretty good. Pittsburgh could have won it with a touchdown in the last quarter, but they didn’t. I was watching the game, but nobody else at my table was interested, so I may have seemed kind or rude. Also there was a drunk guy in front who thought it was cute to get up repeatedly and put his hand on something on the screen. Oh yeah, and the halftime show was theee stupidest ever!
Now it’s Monday. Feels like Sunday.

Queen Trigger Fish from yesterday

0 thoughts on “It . . .

  1. I wish it was warm enough here to go to the beach. I swear, I'm seriously considering moving over there, kids and all…

  2. i managed to watch the whole game and not fall asleep. was cleaning the living room and folding clothes. ready for warmer weather

  3. Bob and I thought the half time was just horrible!! Not our kind of music by any means!! Yuck. I didn't really care who won. We're only 3 hours from Pittsburgh and I should have been for them…it just didn't matter. I did watch it. The fish are sooo pretty! Love fishy underwater shots!! …debbie

  4. I thought it was a great game! Congrats on picking the winner, you cheesehead. I went to the beach last weekend (or was that the weekend before?). I went at abount 5:30pm and I thought the water was too cold. I will try again soon.

  5. I don't know anything about your superbowl games… nor do I want to!It's bad enough having to listen to rugby on our big tv when Stew's engrossed in it … all winter long.Oh NO! It will be starting again soon… drat.I love your fish photos, I don't mind them at all…lol.