I've got much better things to do . . . . .

Than go to work today. Yesterday I went diving, then to the beach. Then came home and the next thing I knew the The OI Girl was calling and it was 6PM. So I must’ve taken a nap too. I could do all that again today, it’d be MUCH better than working!

The dive was excellent, it was turtle and grouper soup. We must have seen a dozen turtles and many more big groupers

Chris B and Turtle, clik to enlarge 

Don’t eat grouper, they are becoming rarer and rarer. 

Yes, this baracuda WAS as close as he looks!

Tomorrow early I am going to the US. I don’t have any desire to go, I’d rather stay inside the Marktic Circle, but I must. I haven’t been to my parents house in about 4 years. I’ll be gone a week, but I think I’ll be posting. They have internet up there. Allegedly.

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  1. Grouper is a very popular meal in seafood joints these days. Don’t tell me they are getting over fished like the rockfish and redfish were. Good luck going north of the Marktic circle.