Joke of the Day

There was this drunk guy in a crowded bar. This young woman came up to the bar to get a drink. She put her hand on the drunks chair and waved to the bartender for a drink. The drunk turned around and got an eyeful of the womans very hairy armpits. Turning around to the bar, he called to the bartender “Bartender! Bring this ballerina a drink!” The bartender brings her a drink, she disappears into the crowd.

A while later, the same woman comes back and waves to the bartender to get another drink. The same drunk turns around, and sees the womans hairy armpit right in his face.
“Bartender! Bring the ballerina another drink!”, yells the drunk.

The bartender brings the woman a drink, and off she goes, into the crowd. The bartender turns to the drunk “You come in here all the time, I know you’ve never seen that woman before. What makes you think she’s a ballerina?”

The drunk replied, “Anybody who can lift their leg that high, HAS to be a ballerina!”

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