Just awoke from a dream 2:10 AM 30 0ct 2011

2:10 AM 30 0ct 2011

Just awoke from a dream

I was in Calverton, left from somewhere and I got lost (looking for my luggage? Looking for my house?).. There was a road I never saw before and went down it and it was a dead end, the back of some apartments and a van parked there, I cut through somehow to the front and then I came upon these giant cliffs, I could see the rock face and the neighborhoods below. The roofs of the houses were symmetrical, and arranged in colored patterns like Indian beads. I was high, miles up.

Later I found out this wasn’t house roofs from a cliff, but some lady liked to arrange beads in her yard, and I was standing over them and the cliffs were an illusion. But they weren’t, I could tell I was way up high, and see the cliffs going down, and clouds over the houses….

Then I was at a Radio studio I had just finished installing, and was training the announcer. The announcer was this local drunk guy I see staggering around West Bay, a friendss brother, I forget his name. The studio had my folded clothes or something laying around, I remember the mic boom, sticking out of a pile of my folded clothes on the console. I had to go get a suitcase for all my stuff. But I was worried that a suitcase wouldn’t be big enough for all my stuff there.

I think that’s where I was going when I got lost and found the cliffs, getting a suitcase from my parents old house in Calverton.

Then I was going to the airport, my suitcase was tan with a zipper and huge, too big. I was carrying it down these steps or a hill that was made out of beads and Lego blocks. It was the ‘fields’ and ‘rooftops’ I saw before from the cliff top. I came upon some Lego/bead plants or bushes and had to backtrack to go around.. There were several other people, making their way down the hill.

We got in a big (1940s?) car and went to the airport.

Then I was at the airport on Cayman Brac, (But it wasn’t the Brac airport, it was like a warehouse with big wooden, hanging sliding barn doors). There was a big golf cart that seats about 20. It was important that I got my big suitcase on the golf cart but it was already full. Finally I got “My Replacement” to move something so I could put my suitcase in the front seat floor. It wasn’t important for me to get on, just my suitcase. Relieved after I put the case on, I went and sat on the floor of the warehouse.

“My Replacement” was a guy with slits for eyes, like he just woke up and his eyes were squinted shut from bright light. He was going with us on the plane, I don’t know why in my dream he was “My Replacement”. He had a white shirt, tan pants, squinty eyes. Like the guy on the Dilbert cartoon kinda.

Finally a big noise and someone peeked out one of the big sliding doors and said it was a plane, not our plane, but a regular plane. Someone said we should have just taken a regular plane and not the one we were taking. It was stupid to have to wait for the ‘special plane’ I peeked out the door and saw the Cayman Airways twin Otter switching passengers, and decided to go smoke a cigar.

I was walking somewhere to smoke and this guy had a cigar too and was teasing me with it, sliding it through a hole made with his fingers; He accidentally ripped the whole side of the cigar and gave it to me and left embarrassed. I looked and the only undamaged part was about the last inch on the end where you light it. I put my cigar aside, took my cutters, and cut off that good inch, and put it in my pipe like I do, to smoke. I put my cigar I was going to smoke in my pocket.

Then I woke up.

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