Last Day Of Training

Today is the last day of my six-Tuesday ILM Training. Thankfully. I am trying to not be negative, but I have not been impressed. There was no real introduction, I don’t really know the purpose of the course. I haven’t really learned anything I can apply to my workday, I haven’t really learned anything I can use to improve my performance.

We go to class, look at slides, discuss different managers, (Last week we discussed the manager at a McDonalds fast food place).

There’s been two assignments. Never ending, apparently. Both 1500 word essays, when I submit them, they come back for revision, with new guidelines we weren’t given before. Then I re-submit, and get it back with still more guidelines that we weren’t given before.

When I submitted my first assignment, I received an email to join some group. I didn’t do it, because I don’t want still more emails to delete without reading. Again, no mention of this in class.

I was told this is “fluff” training. Training the employer gives so they can say they’re training their employees.

Apparently, this course is a big deal in the Linked-In community.

I’ll be glad when it’s done. Today’s the last day, but I expect more back-and-forth with the second assignment, with the first draft of the assignment due next Tuesday (or thereabouts, without looking), and the final draft due near the middle of December.

This class has put me behind in my work at work. I have been doing some of my essay at home, but pretty much, my word processor program is on my work computer.

Wonder if I should copy and paste this to the form if they ask us for an evaluation?

2 thoughts on “Last Day Of Training

  1. This sounds just like a college degree.
    Them: “You got a degree?”
    You: “Yep”.
    Them: “OK. you’re hired.”

    Them: ” You take that class?”
    You: “Yep.”
    Them: “OK. You can keep working here.”

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