Last Dive of an Extended Inner Space

Although Inner Space ran from Saturday to Saturday, I still have been diving every day. However tomorrow my dive buddy leaves, and I’ll be bring my rebreather home to dry out and have a rest.
I kind of screwed up, although it wasn’t really my fault.
Originally, I thought Inner Space was the 22nd to the 29th, then there was supposed to be a Freediving competition that they needed safety divers for.
So, I put in for holiday from the 22nd to June 14th.
Well, later, Inner Space got re scheduled, to the 15th. I didn’t know it, I just thought I asked for the wrong days off. And the Freediving thing was happening the same time as Inner Space.
So, now I have another week off, and nothing really planned to do.
I can check and see if I can go back to work early, or just go to the beach every day and play tourist.