Last Minute Thing

At the end of this week, I’m going to the US, kinda last minute thing. This upcoming weekend is the last holiday weekend till November, so I added a few vacation days and got a good deal roundtrip nonstop to Baltimore. I almost didn’t go, but the round trip ticket I got was about half the price of what I was seeing when I had to go through Miami or Charlotte.

My wife and I have been ordering things on Amazon and sending them. to my Moms house. They make it too easy. Why, if I lived in the US, would I go to the store? I ordered bicycle handlebars. And these little black clips that I don’t even know the name of. It’d have taken a whole day to find those clips, at least an hour or two to get the handlebars. It’s too easy to just go online, point n click.

Amazon doesn’t work too well in the Cayman Islands, most stuff doesn’t ship here.

So, what’s this post about? I dunno. I just sat down and started typing, it’s what I do when I don’t have a topic.

It’s a hot, breezeless day. Hazy. My wife’s hinting about turning on the AC. It was cool last night, good breeze. I’m not even sure our AC works, it hasn’t been on for so long…

Well, have a great day!