Led Zeppelin

Beofre this morning, if you’da asked me what the best Led Zeppelin song was, I’d have instamtly answered “Trampled Underfoot” from Physical Graffiti. It’s a not-as-well known song, but many have agreed it is an under-credited great song.

This morning I hit the bathroom radio power button and timed it perfectly for the beginning of Since I’ve Been Loving You, Led Zepp III. Man! it was good! I’ve heard it many, many many times, but it rang my bell good this morning.

I still have both albums, on Vinyl, in perfect shape, FYI, got ’em when I first discovered Led Zeppelin. I’ve always liked III better than Physical Graffiti on the whole as an album. Trampeled Underfoot has been my top choice as best Led Zep song ever. But this morning, Since I’ve Been Loving You sounded goooooood! I’ll be listening to it again very soon, very closely.

Today’s payday, I have some late (not past due) bills to pay and I need an oil change on the van. And I’ve got some problems with the outdoor electrical outlets on the porch. Rust inside the box inside the concrete.. And I gotta work.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin

  1. I”ve got the album Physical Graffiti. I bought it for the song Kashmir. Which by the way is playing on another screen right now.

  2. In My Time of Dying best tune on Physical Graffiti album1, Wanton Song and Black Country Woman on #2

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