Let Me Be The First

To say Happy Springtime!!!

Here, the day is now longer than the night, which means that spring has sprung! May you have a wonderful spring and summer! Technically, it’s not spring until the sun passes over the equator, but here, the day is now longer than the night-tropics are weird that way, I’ve noticed.

Yyesterday at work, I got my computer replaced. The old one had been flakey since I got it. On the network, all my drive numbers were different and I couldn’t access a lot of stuff, like the “Global Shared Folder”. It was unfindable using “My Computer”. I made shortcuts to access severl folders. 

This week, they quit working. IT Deprtment scratched their heads and replaced my computer. It took all day. Now I feel like everyone is mad at me because I didn’t do any work yesterday. It’s unfounded, but I can’t shake the feeling. Now  feel angry at them for being (imainarily) angry with me. Insane.

It’s cold and windy here today No scooter – van.

Have a good day and HAPPY SPRING!

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