Light Later

This morning when I woke up I could definitely tell it is getting light later. I like waking up and it’s sunny already. Not that I like sleeping late, but I like the early morning. This morning, walking the dawg, I saw this teeny bird, as big as y thumb. He would fly from leaf to leaf on a papaya tree, walk out to where the leaf stem met the wide part, swing around upside down and get bugs off the bottom of the leaf. It was cool to watch him, leaf after leaf. There were bugs on the bottom of each one too!
It was cool to watch.

0 thoughts on “Light Later

  1. I love the morning, especially when it’s already light. I’m usually not very motivated to get up and venture outside though going for a walk in the a.m. is so peaceful. I love those small, quiet pleasures that morning can bring, like the little bird.