During my lunchtime snorkel yesterday, I found a Lionfish. I had my camrea so I took these pics. The Lionfish is invading from the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and has no predators here. It is very dangerous to have them around. Here’s an article, if you do a search on Cayman Lionfish” you will find a lot of info about them.

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  1. Did ya stab it then?!! Do you have to report it's presence to any kind of marine watch authority or something? We have a starfish that is invading our waters and eating all the coral and destroying habitats up North on the Barrier Reef… are supposed to report it if you see any. Bit of a worry really.I love all your "arty farty" shots too:)

  2. that was interesting… i had heard of the lion;s mane jellyfish, but this was something new….. thanks for sharing.. any idea how it gets its name???thanks for leaving the comment on my blog… glad you liked it, and hope to see you on my blog more often!