Long Time Ago

It seems like a long time ago, looking at my previous post. It’s Monday. I guess I didn’t post Friday because of going to work early.

The FOD Walk was fun. I got to walk on our new runway.

Friday also there was a “graduation” ceremony for that training class I hated so bad. I got a trophy for high scores in my final paper.

it was a good weekend too. I fixed the outdoor electrical outlets and helped the wife put up strings of red lights for some reason this time of year.

Sunday went diving, ther was a super strong current. We swam out to the deep wall and there seemed to be no current at all, then when we got to the bottom it was rippin’! Then we had a hard swim across the sand flats back.

I had a headache the rest of the day, either from exertion while breathing tanked air or because I didn’t drink any coffee at all yesterday morning. Probably the former.

Th garbage.man came this morning and apparently he took out garbage can. I went to get it from the street and it’s gone… Simply disappeared.

Hope this week disappears fast. They’ve been slow lately.

Have a goodun!