Long weekend starts today! (after work)

I thought yesterdays pic was easy to guess, the underwater part of the front of a boat. Froggie Mom got it right. Here’s another, even easier, and I’ll give you a hint at the very end, because it’s long weekend and I don’t want anybody loosing any sleep wondering what the mystery photo is!

Here it is, click to enlarge.

Yesterday, I walked from Cemetary Beach, near my house, all the way down to Royal Palms and back. It took about an hour and a half one way. Then I rode my bike to work and took the van to the broadcast. After work I brought the van home and walked the dawg out in the canals. Then after dinner I went to bed at 8:30 (passed out) and woke up when the alarm went off this morning.
Today I take the van into work, and there’s another broadcast this afternoon. Then I’ll ride my bike home, and the long weekend has begun!
TOmorrow I go to see the OI Girl!

Here’s a “clue” as to what the abstract photo above is! Click to enlarge

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  1. This is just too beautiful!!! I want to be there right NOW! I just love the beach. Have you seen my new look on my blog site. It’s sort of beachy (sounds funny) too! Happy Easter weekend. ENJOY!