Look At Me! I’m A Giant!

Here’s a picture of me, standing outside a normal sized, two storey house.

Look how tall I am! I’m like 16 feet tall! I never mentioned in this blog that I was a giant before, who already had figured it out?

It’s totally cloudy this morning. It rained yesterday and last night, but not on my umbrella. I wouldn’t mind using it, but with my luck, my umbrella will never feel a drop of rain. But since I’m a giant, it’d probably only barely keep my head dry anyway, so oh well.

And today is FRIDAY! Payday was Wednesday, so today I will discreetly duck out for a while and go pay some bills. I’ll time it so that I get back just in time to go to lunch. I think I’ll go snorkeling at lunch, rain or shine. I didn’t go yesterday, because of the rain possibility. Ya hear that? Anybody from work reading this? I didn’t take a lunch hour yesterday, so I’m doubling it up today!

Oh I’m glad it’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “Look At Me! I’m A Giant!

    • I’ve been diving in Orange county! It’s cold but good! (I looked at your blog)

  1. Are you available in December to hang some Christmas decorations? And while you are doing that, you could deal with some cobwebs.

    • Of course! It’ll cost you airfare though, and I’m so tall, I need a cargo plane!

    • The caption plainly says it’s a normal sized house, not a playhouse! I’m a giant!

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