Looking Forward

I’m looking for ward to the weekend.

While I like my new job, I’m not used to the steady hours and I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Can’t think of much to say today. It looks like the clouds and intermittent rain have stopped after about a week. I need to figure a way to swim at lunch. There’s a shower at work, but I need to find a way to manage the clothing situation. I don’t wear a suit, Yellowdog Granny, but decent pants and shirt. I need to find a way to take ’em off at lunch and put ’em back on at the beach without ruining them. In days past I’ve always been able to wear shorts and a polo shirt, kind of the uniform I made for myself. Now I’m “smart casual”.

Need to find a workaround.

My boss mentioned the possibility of moving me up to a higher position already…. That’s good!

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Oh, I hope you get the higher position. Are there no trees or posts at the beach where you can hang your clothes? Maybe you can put a short post with hooks/nails into the sand that you can bring and take back or hide somewhere when you don’t need it. Just don’t go swimming on a full tummy! Or is that a myth about swimming on a full stomach being dangerous?

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