Every morning, on my way to work, I stop by the grocery store and get breakfast. In the mornings, they have fruit at the salad bar. I’m not a big fan of public salad bars, with everyone digging around in them, but in the mornings, I’m usually the first one there. In fact, the girl is usually still there, putting the stuff out when I get there, so it’s pretty good.
This morning there were mangos, Ripe mangos. Here, the people tend to like the mangos green, sometimes with salt and or hot sauce. Not me, I like them ripe soft, and sweet. Not the little stringy ones either, I’m talking about the great big ones. Although the little stringy ones are good too, they’re designed to be eaten by the bag at the beach, standing chest deep in the sea. But the ripe Julie-type mangos are the most perfect food in the world. No bout adoubt it!
In fact, I will go so far as to say that I bet there is no human alive who likes ripe mangos better than me.

0 thoughts on “Mangos

  1. Ya know, I never eat mangos themselves, but I live mango-flavored anything, so I’ll venture to say that I like mangos too. Not as much as you, of course, MarkD!

  2. I want to like mangos, I’ve tried, but I don’t like the texture. I have the same problem with bananas. They gross me out because of the texture. Maybe they would taste better if I was chest deep in the water. Or even better all mashed up in the blender with some rum!