Maryland USA

I’m at my Mom & Dads condo. I saw my Dad, he doesn’t look good, there’s no intellegence in his eyes. He didn’t seem aware that anyone was there, but when I held his hand he was feeling my hand, like trying to figure out what it was. If he has an itch, he scratches it, but that is about it. He can’t talk or walk or get out of bed. He is always trying to take off his oxygen mask and he pulls his IV tubes out.
My Mom is doing things like showing me where paperwork is and discussing wills and burial plots and stuff.
Not happy days.

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  1. Aww…that’s too sad. All you can do is love them…let your mom tell you all she needs to. It’ll make her feel better. And, if you need some respite…PA is just a stone’s throw from MD….seriously!!!

  2. sorry to hear that, mark.i just lost my grandfather, but he was in the opposite situation- his mind was sharp, but his body was shutting down. there’s no way to make these things any easier. just love him while you can.