Maybe It’s Lockjaw!

i went to the doctor yesterday at the insistence of a co worker. I had a swollen ankle. Last week, during a dawg walk Daisy was attempting to attack her mortal enemy, the black dog across the street. I was holding her by her collar and she was lunging after him in front of me. I used my shin to push her out of the way and accidentally kicked her in the teeth.

Looks like a bite, but it’s not. Accidental if it is.

No big deal. Swollen ankle didn’t hurt and was fully flexible. i figured I dirt it without realizing it and it would get better by itself, but the dude at work put two and two together and insisted i check it out, so I did. I got an anti lockjaw (tetanus) shot and a weeks worth of antibiotics. It seems better this morning but probably would be getting better anyway.

Two years ago today the wife moved out. Two years ago last night was the last time I ever kissed my wife good night. I’ve come a long way since then.

Have a great, great day!

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