Success, So It Seems

The operation was a success. I’m alive and I can still see.

When I got home, my vision was pure blur. This morning, it seems about the same as before. Hopefully it will continue to improve throughout the day.

In the picture above, it looks like I’m wearing a contact lens, but the line is where the incision was made I’m guessing.

The worst thing this morning is that it feels like my eyelashes are messed up. I want to wash my face but can’t get water (or soap) in my eye.

The operation was a unique experience. I still have glaucoma and epiretinal membrane, so I didn’t expect any miraculous improvement.

Have a nice day

Maybe It’s Lockjaw!

i went to the doctor yesterday at the insistence of a co worker. I had a swollen ankle. Last week, during a dawg walk Daisy was attempting to attack her mortal enemy, the black dog across the street. I was holding her by her collar and she was lunging after him in front of me. I used my shin to push her out of the way and accidentally kicked her in the teeth.

Looks like a bite, but it’s not. Accidental if it is.

No big deal. Swollen ankle didn’t hurt and was fully flexible. i figured I dirt it without realizing it and it would get better by itself, but the dude at work put two and two together and insisted i check it out, so I did. I got an anti lockjaw (tetanus) shot and a weeks worth of antibiotics. It seems better this morning but probably would be getting better anyway.

Two years ago today the wife moved out. Two years ago last night was the last time I ever kissed my wife good night. I’ve come a long way since then.

Have a great, great day!

Cheer Up!

Well, we got that Monday out of the way. Now it’s Tuesday. I went to the eye doctor yesterday, my glaucoma is getting worse, although the pressures are lower, 14 and 18. So I got more drops. It can get worse, but under no circumstances can it get better. Nothing I can do about it. But I’m kind of crabby today.

Here’s a picture of me standing on my head this morning to cheer you up. From my security camera.

Have a great day!

La Palma Island Volcano

On Spain’s island of La Palma off the coast of Africa, the Volcano has been erupting.

Read the article here. It is unfortunate that homes are being destroyed but eye witnesses are saying that it is a spectacular eruption and quite beautiful.

Nature can do no harm, the only thing it hurts are man made things.

I was in the Navy in Hawaii, and the volcano on the Big Island was going off. Oahu had haze from the volcano, but I’ve never seen an erupting volcano. I was in Costa Rica in the presence of a somewhat erupting volcano, but it was completely covered by clouds.

Someday maybe I’ll see if Volcano erupting, maybe not. I’d like to.

Yesterday I got an email from my wife’s lawyer and I went to the dentist for an emergency drilling and filling. But even though all that happened, yesterday was a good day somehow.

I’m sure today will be a good day too, And I hope it’s a good day for you!

New Glasses

I went to the optometrist yesterday because I needed new glasses. My old glasses were horrible and I complained about them constantly and took them back several times. I went back to my original optometrist who agreed they were screwed up. Below are the glasses I should get in a couple weeks. Sorry I didn’t smile for the picture, I just wanted to see what they looked like. At the time, I didn’t think I would be posting the picture.

Also yesterday I was told that I have cataracts starting up in my right eye and probably glaucoma in my left. I have to go see a specialist and probably undergo surgery. Eye surgery is my greatest nightmare. But on another level I don’t even care.

My wife wants to meet with me Wednesday, I assume she wants to discuss divorce. I am full of fear and nervous and sad. But for about 5 minutes I imagined she might say she wants to come back home and I was really happy for about those 5 minutes. Then I woke up and shook myself out of it.

Have a fantastic day, I know I will!

Checkup Check OK

I got an ok on my checkup. They changed my blood pressure medication. It wasn’t really an “Executive” checkup, just a regular one, like a ditchdigger checkup. Same as I get (almost) every year. I was disappointed. The facility is nice though. And this morning, I’m drinking COFFEE!

Have a happy hump day!

“Executive Checkup”

Health City Hospital, Cayman Islands

Today I’m going to Health City for an “executive physical”. Supposedly a very extensive checkup. It was promoted by our health insurance.

Health City is this new big hospital that continues to grow in the hopes of one day becoming a destination for medical tourism. They have a very good reputation.

So, I have to leave home early to get there, with no breakfast (OR COFFEE!). That’s the whole test, if you can survive with no coffee for halfa day, you’re fine.

I feel like they’re not going to find anything major wrong with me, but you never know. Maybe I should have saved yesterdays post for tomorrow…

Have an extra cuppa coffee for me this morning please!