Me. Sewing.

Not a pleasant experience…

I had a lifetime supply of dust protection face masks. One package, about 20, all I’d ever need. I gave them to the construction crew when they were here. So now, when I need dust protection masks for this covid 19 thing, I don’t have them and can’t get them. Which I find quite irritating.

I’m definitely a type 1

So I decided to make my own face mask. I got a pattern off the internet, cut some cardboard, and a new XXL T shirt, unused, from some event.

It only took me two days! I threw it away and later picked it out of the garbage two times, and I might still make some more adjustments so It might not be done yet.

But here it is:

All done by hand. Maybe someday I’ll give you a sewing lesson.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!