Melatonin Dosage

I’ve been taking Melatonin before bed for over a year. Over time, I have found that 15 mg is the perfect dose. My pharmacist says this is fine. We have these 10 mg tablets. I was taking 2 before bed. Forthe past few days, I’ve been taking only 1. I notice that I’m waking up early and not able to sleep again. I guess it’s back to 2 again.

2 thoughts on “Melatonin Dosage

  1. I take 3mg..any more than that and it works like speed on me..and after about 6 weeks I stop taking them for about 6 weeks..I think I build up a tolerance after 6 weeks and then let it go back down before I take it again..15…holyshit.

  2. Melatonin? I’ve never heard of taking that for sleep. Hmmm…might look into it. I have a lot of trouble sleeping lately.

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