Mighty Crabby

it was another dogbark night last night I don’t know where they all came from. It started with 2 dogs getting into another minor skirmish. Then trillions of dogs all started barking at once. My two started whining and crying and making little piggy sounds. I told them no barking, but they kept on with the noise and ended up in their kennels.

They got quiet then.

I’m just crabby this morning.

2 thoughts on “Mighty Crabby

  1. I so understand. We had a barker yesterday and I noticed bark on the honeysuckle is missing today. I think we may have had some deer in our back yard and Wendy was trying to protect us from it. 😉 I hope your today goes better….

  2. Think positive about having so many dogs around. You shouldn’t have problems with burglars.
    Our dog was out late one night (2am) and started barking at some deer. When I saw my neighbor the next day I told her I was sorry if the dog woke her up. She is from Pakistan. She said, don’t worry about it, the dogs are just doing their job.

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