Mighty Shirts

I notice a phenomenon where I tend to get stuck wearing the same few T-Shirts over and over. I keep my T-Shirts in a drawer, and when I wear one, I just grab it from the top. Then my worn dirty T-Shirts get thrown in the laundry, and eventually back in my T-Shirt drawer, on top, where the odds of them getting worn again are much higher than a T-Shirt on the bottom of my drawer. At any given moment, some of mighty shirts are dir-T-Shirts.
The bottom line, and purpose of this Sunday morning post, is that every once in a while, you have to clean out your T Shirt drawer, and put the bottom ones on the top, and the top ones on the bottom. If you’re like me you’ll feel like you have a new wardrobe. This probably goes for your underwear drawer too.
This is a picture of a girl wearing a T Shirt (for no other reason except to match mighty shirt post). Notice she is standing in front of a bunch of porta potties. The implication is that if she were smarter she would probably realize that porta potties do not make a good background for a portrait. Plus her boobs are pretty big, and if her boobs were brains, she would have a lot of brains and therefore be very very smart. And of course, she realizes all this, because she’s wearing the shirt in the first place.
I, for one, am glad her boobs are boobs and not brains, I like boobs, I could post a whole post about boobs, and you can tell I don’t have any brains.

0 thoughts on “Mighty Shirts

  1. Cute! But yeah, porta potties? Whats up with that? LOL! I'm going to assume that you know her, because she looks like she is posing for you. If not, she must be wondering why you are taking her photo, right?

  2. I don't know her, I found the pic on the internet. Do a search for "I wish these were boobs". (I've seen this pic before, so thats why I searched for "I wish these were boobs". Just FYI