Minor Bank Problems

I wire money to myself in the US every month, so I can pay my US mortgage by check, because my primitive mortgage company doesn’t have online banking. The only check I write each month.
So, I mailed the check, transferred $1000 to my US account, and then did a wire transfer from my US account here to the US bank.
Then a couple of later, I get a call from the bank. I transferred the money, but not enough for the fee to wire it to the US. So they didn’t do it.

So then I had to do the wire transfer over.

The check got to the bank at 8:30 AM, (they don’t even open till 9). The wiire transfer got there at 10. So my check bounced, $30 fee. So now I’m $30 short for my mortgage payment, for which the check bounced, but I can’t call them and tell them to try again, because there’s only 970 for a $1000 check.
I sent up $500 yesterday to have a buffer. I’ll see how long that will take to get there, should be instantaneous, but the banks like to hold the money for a while so they can use it. Also, the bank tends to nibble away at any buffer funds you put up there.
(I keep my $$$ in my CI Savings, and transfer to my US Savings to wire to the US. The US Savings here and the US account pretty much always have the minimum in them.)

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