Minor Disaster

See the “box” on the back of my scooter? Well, I had a bottle of suntan oil lose its lid in there. I didn’t think it was that bad. I wiped up what I could. But I went to the beach yesterday, and boyoboy, whatta mess.

Yesterday afternoon I had to remove the box, clean it and everything in it in our kitchen sink and wash my mask, fins and snorkel with dishwashing equipment. My towel and hat had to run through the laundry. My motorcycle registration and papers got soaked in oil, and have to be replace. The oil penetrated two plastic bags to get to the papers.

Much worse of a mess than I originally thought.

The dogs weren’t very cooperative this morning, and as a consequence, had a short walk instead of our normal long one, and I went back out for a swim. It was super nice.

And it’s almost Friday!