Miracle Battery?

Many months ago, my motorcycle battery died on my scooter. I was kick starting it for a long time. The battery is very specific because of the battery “”slot” on the scooter. No other battery could fit. I guess because of covid, the shop was having a hard time getting a new battery. They finally told me they probably couldn’t get one. So I looked into cutting the battery box to make a bigger battery fit. I took it all apart, and put it back together. It seemed doable. Just cut the plastic and find a way to support it by the frame.

We’ve had rainy days for the past month, more or less. Yesterday I decided to just go out and start the motorcycle because it because it had not been started in a long time. I turned the key and the lights came on, I was trying to kick started when I noticed the lights on. Bad battery means no lights (in this case). So I turned the key and it tried to start. The battery seemed strong but died kind of quickly because it hadn’t been used in a month. So I plugged in my battery charger and it charged fully. Now the whole scooter seems fine. Good battery, runs smooth easy to start. Can’t complain.

It’s a miracle! Of course, it’s still threatening to rain every day so I can’t ride it yet, but soon come!

Have a miraculous day!

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